Raider was a Judge Dredd comic story originally published in 2000 AD. It consisted of five parts, serialised between Progs 810 and 814.

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In City Bottom, ex-Judge Karl Raider has become a vigilante, targeting those preying on the citizens. He attacks the base of Murk Derryson, who has been running a protection racket. He kills twelve of Derryson's men, and cuts off Derryson's hands. Raider flees as Judge Dredd arrives. 

Recovering in hospital, Derryson organises for a group of mutants to be taken from the Cursed Earth into orbit, and thrown out the airlock. He plans to use this as bait to draw out Raider.

Meanwhile, Dredd organised for Wally Squad Judge Lola Palmtree to get close to Raider, playing on his sentimental reactions. Raider left the Justice Department after falling in love with a citizen, before she suffered radiation poisoning during the Apocalypse War and he mercy-killed her.

Dredd and a squad of Judges arrest Derryson before the mutants can be murdered in space. But Derryson has rigged a trap for Raider, an explosion which instead kills the mutants and many of the Judges. Dredd kills Derryson, and then faces Raider - who has worked out Palmtree was a Judge. Raider attempts to outshoot Dredd, but is shot down. 

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