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Richard Alan Starkings is a British letterer from Leeds. He was born in 1962.

As a child, Starkings read Countdown (later TV Action and TV Comic), Look-in, Mighty World of Marvel and Spiderman Weekly when he bought a copy of Starlord. Attracted to Ezquerra's artwork, he followed the comic as it merged with 2000AD. As his brother was an avid comic collector who had gone into dealing comics, when the comics merged Starkings first went around Leeds newsagents looking for recent progs, but then phoned his brother who acquired a complete set of 2000AD to date[1].

Since his childhood, Starkings has been a Doctor Who fan.

He studied English and Media Studies at Dorset Institute for Higher Education.

Before working in comics he was a proof-reader for a London medical publisher as he wanted to get a job in publishing so that he could move sideways into comics.

Following an article by Dez Skinn in Warrior, which said that lettering was the quickest way to get into comics, Starkings created some samples and started submitting them to comic publishers.

He liked the work of Bill Nuttall, who produced crisp and clean work and so wrote to him. Due to this he was put in contact with Bob Painter at Fleetway.

When he started lettering, crack-and-peel was predominant in the British comic industry.

Early Work[]

His first paid work in comics was 4-page Captain Kidd story at in the Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special. In his early twenties he worked at Look-In but messed up, his boss telling him the lettering was too big and that he had to start again.

  • later issues of Warrior
  • mid-1980s 2000AD
  • Marvel UK (1980s)
  • Harrier Comics.
  • Tales of the Rugged Reptile by Cliff Robinson (before 2000AD)
  • The First Forest with Kev Hopgood.

Following a Marvel UK advert in the Guardian he met with Ian Rimmer (previously editor at Scream!). Simon Furman was assistant editor at the times. He did Transformers for Marvel UK. While working for Marvel UK, Starkings captained a softball team which played (and usually lost) games against the 2000AD team, led by John Wagner, in Hyde Park.

After working on an Ian Gibson Judge Dredd story, Starkings was asked to work on The Ballad of Halo Jones Book 3.

  • The Killing Joke.



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