Rico Dredd was Judge Joe Dredd's clone brother[1].

Rico was faster on the draw than Joe, and had a better aim. On passing out day at the Academy of Law, Rico came first[2].

Shortly after graduating, Rico took bribes and ran a protection racket, leading to his arrest by Joe Dredd and sentencing to twenty years on the penal colony on Titan[2].

When his sentence was completed, Rico returned to Mega-City One and attempted to kill his clone-brother, but was beaten to the draw as he had slowed down during his twenty years on Titan[2].

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Judge Dredd's 'brother', his clone, and also a Judge, Rico was the faster and more accurate of the two but was flawed, taking bribes and running a protection racket. Judge Dredd brought him to justice. The punishment for bent judges is severe - 20 years on the penal colony on Titan where the perp's nose and mouth are sealed and the body adapted for work on the airless planet. Rico returned to avenge himself, but 20 years had slowed his draw, and he was killed by a regretful Judge Dredd[3].

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