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Robo-Hunter was a long-running series which first appeared in 2000AD Prog 76.


  • Verdus
  • The Day of the Droids
  • The Beast of Blackheart Manor
  • The Filby Case
  • The Killing of Kidd
  • Football Crazy
  • Play it Again, Sam
  • The Slaying of Slade
  • Sam Slade's Last Case
  • Farewell, My Billions
  • Hoagy's First Case


After a long absence, it reappeared with a new creative team for an ill-fated revival appearing from Prog 723 to Prog 734.

  • Script: Mark Millar
  • Art: Jose Casanovas

Revival Stories[]

  • Rogue Cop
  • Escape from Bisleyland
  • Return to Verdus
  • Ace of Slades
  • Serial Stunners
  • Keith the Killer Robot
  • Winnegan's Fake
  • The Robotic Revenge of Dr Robotski
  • Metrobolis
  • Something for the Weekend, Sir?
  • Fax and Deductions
  • Slade Runner

Second Revival[]

After another long absence, the strip was revived, with six stories of 28 episodes revolving around Slade's granddaughter, Samantha Slade.

Samantha Slade Stories[]

  • Like a Virgin
  • The Furzt Case
  • The Davinchy Code
  • Stim!
  • Casino Royal
  • I, Jailbird