I am a phantom without shape or form!
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Sam Slade was a Robo-Hunter (or Robo-tective).

In 2140, he was around 60 years old. After forty years in the job, he had been getting old and slow. He had a blaster which could be adjusted to act as a blow-torch and had an office whose B.S.C. was called Carlton[1].

Rogers from the International Space Commission tampered with the safety-shields on the starship he was travelling on, reducing the age of his body by 35 years to 25[2].

Slade was born in 2080, de-aged in 2140 and killed in 2147 at the adjusted age of 32. Slade spent 51 years in retirement on Tahiti and was then imprisoned in an underwater health farm for two years from 2198 to 2200, leaving at a chronological age of 120 and a physical age of 85.

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