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Sláine is a series created by Pat Mills and Angie Mills (now Angela Kincaid) as a reaction against generic fantasy stories. The main influence on Sláine was French fantasy series Conquering Armies[1].

It tells of the outcast warrior of the Sessair, Sláine Mac Roth and his travels through the land of Tir-Nan-Og with his dwarf companion Ukko.

Embedded with Celtic myth, artists include:


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Behind the Scenes[]

Mills ranks Sláine as among his favourite three characters (after Charley's War and next to Marshal Law)[2].

The first episode of Sláine was rated more highly than Judge Dredd, the first time this had happened since Dredd took the top spot. Mills considers this episode to be the definitive Sláine story, followed by Sláine the King and The Horned God[2].

Mills loved the Sláine fan film made a few years ago. At least one well-known film director  who grew up reading 2000AD has said he'd love to direct a Sláine film[2].


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