Sorries was the nickname for the Saurian Hominids species, discovered in South America by Professor Challenger and brought back to London[1].

They had a lizard queen, a brood female occurring once in several hundred thousand generations when their predecessor was dying or an expanding colony needs to divide.

Dr S Prateorius used stimulants and hormones to produce queen eggs.  Once the lizard queen reached puberty he lobotomised them to allow them to be factory farmed.

There were avian, ophidian and aquatic variations. They had with a warrior caste, though in human hands they created workers.  In the factory farms the drone race was imprinted on a generic human face (or a personal image, for a fee) in order to provide obedient service.

A serum from the lizard queen embryo allowed Doctor Henry, a United States scientist, to regenerate a missing limb.[2]


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