Part One[]

While exploring uncharted space, Dare and his crew come across a vast curtain of rocks. At its heart, they find a huge satellite ship. When they send two shuttle craft to approach it, they are fired upon and the shuttles are destroyed. Only Dare and Polanski survive long enough to be rescued by the Fortress. A video message comes through telling them that this region is under the control of the Starslayers, and they do not permit intruders. They must leave or be destroyed. Unwilling to run away, Dare leads a team of 40 men in a stealth approach on the satellite using black painted spacesuits as camouflage.[2]

Part Two[]

Dare and his team quickly overrun the Starslayer ship, killing all on board, but a distress signal has been sent out and a huge space fleet is on its way. Dare wants to push on to the worlds under Starslayer control and liberate them, but a lot of the crew want to turn back, feeling to continue on would be suicide. Before Dare can make a decision, two more Starslayer ships approach and prepare to attack.[3]

Part Three[]

They destroy one ship, but the Fortress is badly damaged by the other. They trick it into flying straight into an asteroid, but they realise they will need to land somewhere soon to make emergency repairs. They head for Minian, a nearby planet rich in minerals, where the native population are being used by the Starslayers as slaves to mine the ore. They land on the surface and Dare, Hitman and Bear head for the nearest mine on foot, disguised as slaves.[4]

Part Four[]

They infiltrate a slave gang, and win their trust when they save some of them from a rockfall. When night falls, they infiltrate the processing plant to obtain the raw materials they need for their ship repairs. Impressed by their victory at the plant, the Minians agree to help in any way they can. However, word of Dare's actions has reached the ruler of the Starslayer empire.[5]

Part Five[]

Dare has returned to the Fortress with Hitman to oversee repairs, but Bear has stayed with the slaves to organise an uprising. The Starslayers activate something called the Shining Star which subdues all the slaves and puts Bear into a zombie-like state. Unable to help himself, he leads the Starslayer troops straight to where the Fortress is hiding. Using the ship as a standing fort, Dare and his crew defend against the attacking horde until the chief engineer reports that the repairs are complete. Dare grabs Bear and one of the Simians and the ship takes off.[6]

Part Six[]

Back out in the asteroid field, Dare cuts the ships power to stay hidden from the many patrols out looking for them. They have to prevent Bear from reactivating the power as he is still trying to serve the Starslayers in his hypnotised state. Dare heads for another slave world in search of help. The world he picks is called Hive and is populated by anthropomorphic insects. The insects agree to assist in an uprising. Meanwhile, the Starslayer leader, the Dark Lord, plans to set traps on all their slave worlds and kill Dare within ten days.[7]

Part Seven[]

The uprising begins, but the Starslayers deploy giant battle tanks to quell it. Dare and Hitman manage to destroy the tanks using gamma grenades while the natives use their stings to take out the ground troops. The Starslayers once again deploy the Shining Star to subdue the revolting slaves. Dare works out what they're doing and grabs a fallen Starslayer helmet and tells Hitman to put it on. Hitman knocks Dare out and puts the helmet on him, effectively sacrificing himself to protect the veteran spacer.[8]

Part Eight[]

Not wanting to risk landing the Fortress on another planet, Dare decides to visit the next planet alone while Polanski keeps evading their pursuers in the main ship. This planet is called Grawl and is populated by huge beasts that wield laser swords and are used as gladiators by the Starslayers. He tries to sneak into the compound under cover of darkness but is spotted and has to fight. When his gun runs out of power, a slave throws him a sword so Dare can keep fighting. Impressed by his bravery the slaves join him in fighting their oppressors.[9]

Part Nine[]

Dare and the Grawls quickly overrun the Starslayer troops, but before they can celebrate, Dare rushes them to the armoury and issues them all with helmets. The Shining Star is deployed once again, but this time Dare and his new troops are prepared and unaffected. He radios the Fortress and tells them to stay away while the weapon is active. However, the Dark Lord intercepts his message and then sends another of his own, using a replication of Dare's voice, reversing the order and telling them to return at once.[10]

Part Ten[]

The Fortress returns to Grawl and is caught in the light of the Shining Star, the entire crew being converted to slaves keen to serve the Dark Lord. After the Shining Star is switched off. Dare summons his ship and it lands in the compound. But then it starts to open fire on the Grawls. Dare gets to the Bridge using a secret hatch to discover what's going on, and he is captured by his crew. The Dark Lord orders the ship to come to StarSlay.[11]

Part Eleven[]


Part Twelve[]


Part Thirteen[]


Part Fourteen[]


Part Fifteen[]


Part Sixteen[]


Recurring Characters[]

Dan Dare[]

Dan Dare is a veteran space pilot who leads the mission to investigate the lost worlds[18].

Great Bear[]

Bear is an ex-Russian cosmonaut, who was kicked out for his tendency towards extreme violence.


Hitman is a space explorer who, after an accident in the vacuum of space, now has his gun fused to his hand. He is an expert marksman with it.

Pilot Polanski[]

Pilot is an ace pilot recruited by Dare to fly his Space Fortress.

Spanner McVitie[]

Spanner McVitie is the chief engineer on the Fortress.

Other Characters[]

The Dark Lord[]

The Dark Lord was the ruler of the Starslayer empire[2]. He had a star on his helmet which he could detach and use as a weapon, controlled by his mind alone.[14]



Coburn [14].


Kincaid [14].


Mandella [14].


McGraw [14].


Science and Technology[]







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