Starlord Issue 1 cover

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Starlord was a sister title to 2000AD.  The main points of difference were that it had been printed using a web-offset process, rather than the low grade Letterpress process which 2000AD used and that it had many more colour pages than 2000AD had.

Behind the Scenes[]

Carlos Ezquerra was convinced to illustrate Strontium Dog for Starlord, as his relationship with 2000AD had been soured by the use of Mike McMahon's artwork on Judge Dredd before his own. Starlord and 2000AD were both edited by Kelvin Gosnell, though due to the pressure of work Nick Landau did most of the day to day running of 2000AD. [1].

The first issue was published on Saturday 6th May 1978 with a cover date of Saturday 13 May 1978.

The art editor was Jan Shepheard and the art assistant was Bev Henry[2].

List of Issues[]

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