The Statue of Judgement was a statue erected by the people of Mega-City One in 2099 to honour the Judges. It was constructed next to the Statue of Liberty. When it was opened, citizens could use a viewing platform in the 'eye' of the statue, from which they could see across the city.[1].

Here is what Judge Dredd: The board game has to say about it:

Erected by the people in honour of the Judges, the Statue of Judgement is a must for all visitors to Mega-City One. It dwarfs the old Statue of Liberty which is located nearby, and the view from the top is breath-taking. Millions of people visit it each year and queues form long before the doors are opened and last right through the day.[2].

Physical Characteristics[]

The statue depicts a male Judge with legs astride a pedestal and arms resting on hips. His badge reads simply 'Judge'. The pedestal has an entrance around which is decorated an Eagle and above the door the word 'Justice'. A lift allows access to the top of the statue.

The Statue of Judgement inspired pride or fear in the Mega-Citizens below[3].

Dredd: The Card Game[]

Statue of Judgement gave motivation politics to all perps at the location[3].

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