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The Stookie Drug is a Drug that helps prevent Aging. it is a Illegal drug and is prohibited by Judges so a legal alternative had to be created in order to give the effects of Anti-Aging with out killing Alien creatures. there are strict penalties if citizens are caught with these stookie drugs. Criminals manufacture this drug in a Stookie factory. This drug is also an Addictive one. which means if they sell it to some one they will want to keep buying it.

Facts and Trivia[]

Stookie's need to be Created from a Exo-Biological source Meaning Off-World Colonies .This makes them a form of Xeno-Technology.  There are Varius Imigration Regulations with Off-World Coloies depending on which Nation you Visit. These Imigration Regulations Include Topics on Bringing Alien Lifeforms to Planet Earth from Space or Off world Colonies.