While pursuing some perps to the supposedly empty Drew Ridgeley Block, Judge Dredd suffered a bout of amnesia.  The only clue he had to his whereabouts is the last radio message he gave to control, requesting a catch-wagon a few minutes earlier for an unlicensed pet charge.

Two months later, Psi-Judge Hamida and Judge Dredd investigated the rise in suicide cults.

Psi Judge Hamida used Judge Dredd as a locus to enable offensive telekinetics against the gun of a futsie, which allowed Dredd to capture her alive and send her to the kook cubes. The two judges go to Drew Ridgeley Block. There, she detected what she believed to be signs of a Jinn[1].

Hamida later suggested that the culprit was a Stygian Devourer, a creature which could eliminate a person from existence. In the wake of the Day of Chaos, this represented a complex method of suicide. In conversation Dredd found Hamida's behaviour suspicious and called to see her most recent psych evaluation and found that she was on suicide watch, but had been passed due to low personnel levels.

Dredd then encountered the Stygian Devourer until the only trace of his existence was in Hamida's memories. Encountering the Devourer herself, she managed to draw out Dredd's existence, and that of the four hundred other victims of the creature, which resulted in the return of Dredd and the return of the 400 to memory, if not existence[2].



  • Drew Ridgeley Block
  • Lenny Cohen Block


  • Numbers One to Twelve
  • Lenny Cohen Joy Club



  • Stygian Devourer, creature from the Necros System


Thargnote reference to Judge Dredd Megazine 267 regarding a private menagerie.

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