The Harlem Heroes Superliner, art by Kevin O'Neill

A Superliner was a large roadliner. It was like a 'hotel on wheels' (though used hover engines). As they were so large they needed to use superline only lanes and had a transport hangar to contain smaller vehicles for personal transport from superliner parks into city centres[1].

Superliners were used by sports teams, pop groups and soldiers. Using the Transatlantic Tunnel it took about a day to travel from Mega-City One to Moscow[2].

Features (of the Harlem Heroes' superliner)[]

  • liner bodywork by Forde Transporation Incorporated
  • liner engine by Global Dynamics Corporation (Power Division)
    • reactor room containing a nuclear generator
    • bank of hover engines
    • forward thrust engine in tail
  • command bridge
    • computer guidance system
  • swimming pool and observation deck
  • gymnasium and sauna
  • tactics room
  • canteen / lounge
  • store
  • first aid / medic room
  • team dormitory
  • transport hangar
    • helicopter
    • hover car
    • 7 hover mopeds