Behind the Scenes[]

This initial story was part of Tharg's 3rillers, though it has now led to a series, Survival Geeks.


Part One[1][]

Sam hooked up with Si at a nightclub, mistaking him for a post-ironic geek (when he is, in fact, an actual geek).

Trying to escape his house before he wakes up, she finds that the three geeks in the household she is in have stolen a government device which allows the house to travel between the dimensions.

Thinking the housemates have played a practical joke on her, Sam storms off, getting grabbed from the pavement outside the house by a flying creature with a cloaked rider on its back.

Part Two[2][]

The housemates follow the creature to the lair of the local evil overlord.  Meanwhile Sam has been given the chance to fight a member of the overlord's harem to gain a place in it (something she is not willing to do).

Part Three[3][]

Finding out that the dimension they are in was created by a failed fantasy roleplaying game designer (who is now disguised as the evil overlord) who began to research real magic after his game was rejected, Clive realised that he would be able to use magic from the character that he had playtested years earlier.  The housemates escape with Sam and Clive manages to jump to another dimension before the evil overlord can capture them.

They ended up in a dimension with female barbarians with sharp teeth riding giant lizards.


  • Unnamed nightclub[1]
  • The interdimensional plane[1]
  • The Rassilon Arms[1] (referred to)



  • British Broadcasting Citadel[2]
  • The Darkling Spawn of Neklith[2] a green-skinned, orc-like species
  • Beastly Burger[2] a fast food shop
  • Evil Toys[2] a shop


  • The Sword of Honour[2] a replica weapon that cost £45 on eBay
  • Dark Citadel Tour Bus[2]
  • Overlords of Gnath[3] a fantasy roleplaying game


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