Tharg was the alien editor of 2000AD from Prog 1 to the present, except for a short period in which the Men in Black took over.

He did not understand laughter[1].

His home planet was Betelgeuse VI[2].

His race (at that time referred to as 'Thargians') looked upon hair as a unique and individual feature which was genetically implanted at an early age[3].

When subjected to direct sunlight, Tharg's skin turns purple (the Betelgeusian version of tanning)[4].

Tharg has a sister, Marg[5].

Behind the ScenesEdit

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While the fictional editor of 2000AD has remained the same throughout most of 2000AD's history, the human editor (usually depicted in the comic as a robotic sub-editor) has changed down the years[6].

During Kelvin Gosnell's editorship he actually spent most of his time working on Starlord, Nick Landau, the assistant editor actually edited 2000AD.


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