The Ballad of Halo Jones (series) was a series consisting of three books.

Real World[]

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Disappointed by the use of women in 2000AD and inspired by the stories of Robert Heinlein such as Podkayne of Mars, Friday, Time Enough for Love, Number of the Beast and Beyond this Horizon and the recent adaptation of The Stainless Steel Rat Gibson's idea of an adaptation of Friday was rejected by the editor. He was encouraged by the character Roxanne O'Rourke in Skizz and after a long run on Robo-Hunter and Judge Dredd at and after-signing party, Gibson was asked by the editor what he would like to do next. He asked to work with Moore and was introduced to the writer (who was also at the party). Gibson wanted a 'girl's story' which didn't feature thought bubbles or explanatory panels. Six months later, Moore came back with a story about 'Girls, Rockets and Monsters'.

After visiting Moore in Northampton, Gibson came up with a few designs. Moore wrote a rough idea featuring the character findings some abandoned spacecraft having escaped from her previous life. Gibson suggested the reader would have more sympathy for the character if they knew more about the world she was escaping from and that the best way to discover a world was to go shopping in it. Moore then came up with the idea of the Hoop, a dumping ground for the unemployed off of Manhattan. Gibson suggested that it would have to be also be an enormous wave-power generator as Manhattan wouldn't want to have to pay to power an ghetto[1].