The Biogs was a Dan Dare story and one of the original line-up in 2000AD Prog 1. It was set in the year 2177.


Part One[]

Commander Dan Dare is taking an ageing space freighter to a space museum on Earth's moon. As it passes Jupiter it suffers power failures in all sectors. As the starship gets ripped apart, Dare calls for the crew to evacuate, although discovers soon after that they failed to do so, and thay he is the only survivor. Six days later he is picked up by an S.A.S.A. rescue ship and taken to Lunaciti. Under threat of court martial, Dare forces his way on board the Odyssey, a cruiser due to pass near Jupiter[1].

Part Two[]

Dare is spotted by a guard. In the fistfight which ensues, the guard is knocked unconscious and two other guards arre molecularised. He makes his way to the bridge where he is given two minutes to explain his actions to the commander, Mr. Monday. Monday is not convinced, but as Zarkos prepares to execute him a creature from Jupiter starts to materialise on the bridge[2].

Part Three[]

Monday orders the creature to be molecularised, but Dare interrupts to take it alive so that they can find out about the creature from Jupiter. Grabbing the horns on its head, Dare manages to knock it unconscious. It is taken to the medic-sector. Now convinced, Monday leads a party down to the surface of Jupiter but the party soon find themselves out of control after a radio storm disrupts their autoguidance system[3].

Part Four[]

Dare takes over manual control and manages to land the party on an island on Jupiter's surface. Exploring the island in protectve suits, Logan follows his sensors to a power source, which causes his space suit to fail, killing him instantly. The remains of the party then encounters a bug-like creature. Meanwhile, the creature on the Odyssey regains consciousness[4].

Part Five[]

One of the bug-like creatures shoots forward, sucking in one of the landing party. On Dare's suggestion, Monday lifts a chunk of crystal titanium and hurls it towards the bug's air intakes. Back in orbit, the creature in the Odyssey takes over command of the ship[5].

Part Six[]

The creature on board the Odyssey energises the outside of the command bubble and kills crew members. Dare and Monday reach the Biogs' base where a shepherd explains that the Biogs use live fuel but have run low so have set up a new base on Jupiter to collect more fuel from Earth. The shepherd is going to kill Dare for a sleight, but is told by a Biog not to waste fuel and to take him to the Mother Biog. Monday intervenes and Dare snatches up the axe with which he was going to be killed[6].

Part Seven[]

Dare tames the Biog Axe before he and Monday follow power tubes to the Mother Biog. Finding her, they deal with the guards and rescue a few of their comrades from the sticky pool in front of the Biog. They kill her, cutting off the Biog city's source of power. Dare's crew escape to the ship. As they approach the Odyssey they discover it is being dragged towards a Biog spaceship[7].

Part Eight[]

The Odyssey is dragged inside the Biogs' ship. As the shepherd welcomes the Biogs into the ship, Ziggy subdues it and closes the airlocks on the Biogs. The Jupiter survey party follow the Odyssey into the Biogs' ship where they are quickly captured by the living ship's anti-bodies and offered everlasting life in return for betraying their comrades, an offer which Dare appears to take up[8].

Part Nine[]

Using the Vi-kin, Monday attacks Dare but is told in a whisper that it is just a ruse. Pretending to have defeated Monday, Dare leads the spacers back to the Odyssey where he gives the order for the ship to stop defending itself. When they got on board, the ship feeds all power into the ship's warp motors to tear away from the Biog ship. Having ripped a hole in the side of the ship they find themselves between the massed star fleets of Earth and the Biog fleet[9].

Part Ten[]

The Battle of Jupiter begins. Dare and two others take kamikaze craft and shoot a biog ship. Monday activates the sun trip[10].

Part Eleven[]

Having activated the star drive, the Odyssey heads for the sun, taking the biog ships in its wake. Monday is posthumously awarded the the Solar Cross while Dare is court martialled by the Solar Fleet Commander. Dare leaves, resolving to find out who told the biogs where to find humanity[11].

Recurring Characters[]

Dan Dare[]

Dan Dare is a veteran space pilot. Unfairly blamed for the total loss of his ship and crew, he is determined to clear his name.

The Mekon[]

The Mekon has been Dare's arch enemy for many years. He has a vast intellect but a puny body and relies on his levitating chair to get around.

Other Characters[]

Solar Fleet Controller[]

The unnamed Solar Fleet Controller blames Dare for the loss of his ship and crew and orders him to be court martialled[1].

Mr. Monday[]

Monday, a fifth generation Martian, is the commander of the Odyssey, the ship Dare stows away on[2]. Descended from the early Earth colonists to Mars, he is very tall, with white hair and pink eyes[3]. He is adept at the martial art of Vi-kin[9]. He activated the Star Drive on board the Odyssey, dragging the Biog fleet on the sun trip with him for which he was posthumously awarded the Solar Cross[11] and a statue was erected in his honour[12].


Zarkos is the security officer on board the Odyssey[2].

Ziggy Rodann[]

Ziggy Rodann S.D. is one of the staff doctors on board the Odyssey. She examines the creature from Jupiter[3], and is held hostage by it when it regains consciousness[5]. She and Dare are the ony survivors from the Odyssey crew[11].


Logan is a member of the landing party on Jupiter. He is crushed when the power source on his pressure suit fails[4].


French is a member of the landing party on Jupiter. He dies of shock after being swallowed whole by one of the Biogs[5].

Mr. Milton[]

Milton is the acting commander on board the Odyssey while Monday is on Jupiter. Through his inaction, the creature from Jupiter gains control of the ship[5].


Giffard pilots one of the K-Craft in a last ditch attack on the Biog ships[10].









  • The Battle of Jupiter[10]



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