The Book of Scars is a Sláine story which ran from 2000AD Prog 1844 to Prog 1849 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the strip and was released in a special collected edition shortly after the strip's conclusion in the weekly comic.


Part One[]

Sláine recounted the tales of how he received the scars on his body to Vevina, though became suspicious when she appeared more interested in delaying him from leaving than actually listening. Discovered, the Guledig emerges from her body, bringing with him a troupe of Cythrons. Upset at the fame that Sláine had acquired, the Guledig sent Sláine's spirit back to the Wickeman to be defeated[1].

Part Two[]


Part Three[]


Part Four[]


Part Five[]


Part Six[]




Real World[]

The Book of Scars is intended to link the previous story, Sláine the Wanderer - which was a more comedic series with Ukko set in Fomorian-occupied Albion - to A Simple Killing, a forthcoming saga to be illustrated by Simon Davis. The Book of Scars will consolidate his past and present[7].

It is named for the story that each of the scars on Sláine's body tell.

The story revisited both old enemies and the artists who have illustrated his adventures in the past thirty years.

  • Mick McMahon - Sky Chariots
  • Glenn Fabry - El Women and Elfric
  • Simon Bisley - Slough Feg and Crom Cruach
  • Clint Langley - The Guledig, The Wickerman and the Bride of Crom and Moloch

Bisley's episode was suggested by the artist himself in a phone conversation.


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