Judge Dredd was flagged down by one of his informants, Max Normal. Max told him about an illegal shipment of comics that was arriving that night. Dredd lay in wait for the delivery and shot the men behind the comic ring. When the comics were examined later, the comic shown is 2000AD Prog 13[1].

Recurring Characters[]

Judge Dredd[]

Dredd is a Judge in Mega-City One. He patrols the streets and dispenses justice with total impartiality. He IS the Law.

Grand Judge[]

Although not directly named here, this is Chief Judge Goodman

Max Normal[]

Max is one of Dredd's informants. He dresses like a 20th century businessman in a pin-striped suit and bowler hat, carrying a furled umbrella.

Other Characters[]

Fat Sam[]

Fat Sam runs a soda bar, selling old comics to his young clientele[1].

Skinner & Sloper[]

Skinner & Sloper run an imports warehouse on the East Side which they use as a front for a trade in illegal comics[1].

Judge Strong[]

Judge Strong is asked to display one of the seized comic vidslug to the other Judges[1].





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Real World[]

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The fourth panel on page 2 of this story is used to illustrate the Crime card for Slow Driving in Judge Dredd - The Board Game, while the final panel on page 4 is used on the Crime Card for Old Comic Selling[2].