Part OneEdit

The king broadcast a message from exile in Canada to give hope to the British people. The Resistance planned to collect a messenger, but he was caught in an explosion. He died, but not before he passes on the message that Anglo-Canadian commandos were to attack a nuclear research station two days later[1].

Part TwoEdit

Savage spotted a tramp in the bushes near Doomsdale. The Brigadier let him go, but he went straight to a Volgan patrol and informed on the resistance members. Forewarned, a Volgan air unit intercepts the SAS paratroops, wiping them all out. Silk wanted to disguise themselves as Volgans, but Savage had other ideas[2].

Part ThreeEdit

Silk and the Brigadier were disguised as Volgans, though were discovered. Savage immediately took out a watchtower, jumped the fence and commandeered a big truck full of acid. Reversing it into the reactor plant wall, he escaped, jumping in to the sea to escape the explosion as the acid ate through to the reactor cooling pipes. He caught up with the other resistance members at a local safe house in a pub cellar[3].








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