The Long Hard Road took place on 10 March 2080, 14 March 2080 and 16 March 2080

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Part One: All the Young Juves, Carry the News[1][edit | edit source]

I am a phantom without shape or form!
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Part Two: Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out[2][edit | edit source]

Part Three: All That Remains[3][edit | edit source]

Part Four: Cityjack![4][edit | edit source]

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Psi-Division was set up in 2060, the Atomic War took place in 2070, the same year President Booth was deposed and the Tek 15 monitoring station was set up. Goodman states that Dredd has spent 15 years in the Academy. This conflicts with the 2000AD version of Judge Dredd which had Dredd and his brother go through the academy at an accelerated pace (check sources)

Dredd refers to the past decade, suggesting that he has been on the streets for ten years in this continuity.

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"A good judge always has an eye on where the next attack is coming from." Solomon

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