This article is about the Judge Dredd story. For the event, see Mega-City 5000.

An illegal bike race is endangering the lives of citizens. The Judges need to stop it.


Part One[]

The Mega-City 5000, an illegal bike race, is taking place across the east coast of the USA. Among the leaders are Zoot Smiley and Spikes 'Harvey' Rotten. Citizens are being killed so the Judges throw up roadblocks to catch the bikers. Smiley and Rotten leap the barricade, killing a couple of Judges as they go.[1]

Part Two[]

Only 4 racers remain - Smiley and Flash from the Spacers gang, plus Rotten and Bones from the Muties. Bones is killed by the Spacers, so Rotten takes out Flash, leaving just the two of them with Judges Dredd & Giant in hot pursuit. Dredd takes out Smiley, but Rotten is too far in front to catch. However, Giant is waiting at the finish and he uses his bike to stop him just short of the line.[2]



Arts and Culture[]

Food and Drink[]





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