The New You [1] was a Judge Dredd story which appeared in 2000AD Prog 3. The Lawmaster was named for the first time, though it had appeared in the previous story. The last page of the unpublished Judge Dredd pilot episode with art by Carlos Ezquerra was used as a Futuregraph at the end of this story.


'Scarface' Joe Levine was on the run. Dredd had been alerted to his presence on his patrol route and had his details transmitted to his lawmaster computer. Levine changed his face at a face parlour. Pushing his luck, Levine greeted Dredd, thinking his disguise would hide his true identity. Dredd, however, managed to identify Levine by his voice prints.





  • face change technology


Real WorldEdit

The futuregram by Ezquerra that featured as the last page of this story was originally the last page of the unpublished pilot episode


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