A hooded stranger arrives at Kennedy Spaceport, Mega-City One. He leaves a message for Judge Dredd, claiming also to be Judge Dredd. He goes to Dredd's apartment where he ties up Maria, Dredd's housekeeper, then lowers the temperature and sucks out the air. When Dredd arrives he overpowers him and recounts his story. He is Rico Dredd, Dredd's clone brother. They came through the Academy together, but Rico was the better cadet. But Rico was corrupt. He took bribes and ran a protection racket. Dredd turned him in and Rico was sent to the penal colony on Titan where his body was surgically adapted to operate in the vacuum. Now, his twenty year sentence is over and he is back to seek revenge. Thinking he is still faster on the draw than Dredd, Rico tells him to go for his gun. But his time on Titan had slowed him down, and Dredd outdraws him[1].

Recurring Characters[]

Judge Dredd[]

Dredd is a Judge in Mega-City One. He patrols the streets and dispenses justice with total impartiality. He IS the Law.

Grand Judge[]

Although not directly named here, this is Chief Judge Goodman

Rico Dredd[]

Rico is Dredd's clone brother. He was better at the Academy than Dredd, but Dredd caught him running a protection racket and turned him in.


Maria is Dredd's Italian cleaning lady.


Science and Technology[]

Behind the Scenes[]

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The storyline would later by recreated as Flashback 2099: The Return of Rico by Pat Mills and Paul Johnson in 1995, marking the release of the Judge Dredd film.


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