Savage and his team pull a bank robbery to help finance the Resistance. Meanwhile a familiar face gets reinstated as Head of Volgan Security.


Savage, Silk and the Prince appear in a Volgan Bank, clearing it out of money. They escape with the help of Nessie waiting outside disguised as a traffic warden. Later, back at Volgan HQ, Marshal Vaskov is displeased with Colonel Kasov's performance as Head of Security. He agress to see Rosa Volgaska, the previous security chief, currently languishing in the dungeons. She has come up with a plan to capture Savage. When Vaskov hears her plan he lets her kill the disappointing Kasov and re-appoints her to the role.[1]

Recurring Characters[]

Bill Savage[]

Savage is the leader of an elite group in the Resistance.

Lieutenant Peter Silk[]

Silk is a lieutenant in the Resistance. He is Savage's second-in-command.

Big Nessie McNairn[]

Nessie is a Scottish female wrestler and a friend of Savage.

Marshal Vashkov[]

Vashkov is the leader of the Volgans.

Rosa Volgaska[]

Volgaska was the Volgan Head of Security before being embarrassed by Savage. She is now a prisoner in the Volgan dungeons[1].

Prince John[]

Prince John is the heir to the British throne.

Other characters[]

Colonel Kasov[]

Kasov is Volgaska's replacement as Volgan Head of Security[1].


Science and Technology[]

Arts and Culture[]




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