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Tor Cyan was a 2000 AD character first appearing in the series Mercy Heights as a futuristic 'ambulance driver'; the pilot of a medical shuttle, he was determined to dedicate his life to saving life.

Connections between Tor Cyan and the Genetic Infantrymen (Wikipedia:G.I. (comics)), and between his story and the same fictional universe as Nu-Earth, are revealed gradually over the course of the series. Tor Cyan found it impossible to fully transcend his roots, and he became compelled to return to Nu-Earth and find out the truth about his past. Eventually he discovered that his blue skin pigmentation was the product of the same genetic engineering used to create GI supersoldiers.[1]


Appearing first in Mercy Heights, he later starred in his own eponymous series, all written by John Tomlinson:


Mercy Heights[]

  • Mercy Heights Book One (with Kev Walker, Lee Sullivan and Andrew Currie, in 2000 AD #1033-1047, 1997)[2][3][4]
  • Dead of Winter (with Neil Googe, in 2000 AD #1124, 1998)[5][4]
  • Mercy Heights Book Two (with Trevor Hairsine (1-5, 11-15) and Lee Sullivan (6-10), in 2000 AD #1133-1148, 1999)[3][4]

Tor Cyan[]

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Other Genetic Infantrymen (and women) with prominent roles:

  • Rogue
  • Friday
  • Venus Bluegenes
  • Rafe

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