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Trevor Goring is a British artist who has worked in the comic book industry and the film industry. His comics work includes 2000AD, House of Hammer, and Death Race 2020. Since the mid-1990s Goring has mostly focused on being a storyboard artist, working on such films as Independence Day, The Cell, Gattaca, X2, Watchmen, and The Cabin in the Woods.

In high school, Goring published a fanzine called Seminar, which has the distinction of being the first publication to publish a piece by Alan Moore. After high school, Goring attended Saint Martin's School of Art in London.

Goring started working in the British comics industry in the late 1970s. He was a regular participant in the British Comic Art Convention ("Comicon"), being a guest of the 1976, 1977, and 1978 editions of the show. In addition, he contributed to the 1970, 1976, and 1978 Comicon program booklets, providing the cover for the 1976 edition.

In 1983, Goring worked on the BBC Television children's television series Captain Zep.

In 1991, Goring left England for Los Angeles and began working in the American film industry and comics industries.[1]


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