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Tyrannosaur were flesh eating dinosaurs which hunted in packs. They were intelligent enough to avoid human ranger's blasters though even without their heads, their bodies could keep moving for several seconds through reflex action[1].

Old One Eye and Satanus, art by Mike McMahon

The female was more vicious than the male. They lived to at least 120 years old. Once they caught an individual's scent they could track them[2].

Old One Eye's pack lived to the West of the Trans-Time base[3].

When they felt they were about to die they would try to reach the Tyrannosaurs' Graveyard[4]

Judge Dredd[edit | edit source]

In 2105 Irrawaddy Skinner brought dinosaurs to Mega-City One[5].

Dinosty[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurs ruled Dynos and believed the Great Egg (the sun) was fried, rather than poached, as their rivals, the Hairy Tyrannosaurs believed[6].

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Flesh[edit | edit source]

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