Ula Danser was an anti-mega-city terrorist. She had two brothers who were born with severe mutations, neither of which survived past the age of three.

She was trained by Ratko Portnoy, a Gaian activist and was educated at the Balkan Institute and the Cyberian School of Applied Warfare.

As 'Global Response' has committed herself to attacks on Mega-Cities, or 'de-megafication'[1], including:

Had a tattoo of a star on the small of her back (in one of her disguises, at least)[1].


  • 2089 - born in the Chernobyl Collective[1]
  • 2096 - father died of Yeltzin's Disease.
  • 2100 (circa) - at age of eleven, cancerous bones removed and replaced by nu-bone in arms, fingers and part of right leg[1].
  • 2101 - mother died of PCB poisoning.
  • 2112 - graduated from Cyberian School of Applied Warfare.
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