Valentino (block) block was a luxury apartment block in the middle of bandit country after Chaos Day. It contained 3,712 apartments ranging from basic luxury to super luxury plus with pre-Chaos Day rentals raising 561 million per annum (667 million including service charges)[1].

In 2135 it was offered for eleven billion creds[1]. It had a zoom tube passing through, connecting it to surrounding zones.


  • shoppera (grossed nine fifty)[1]
  • sports complex (net profit sixty million)[1]
    • olympic-size pool
    • four tennis courts
    • running track
    • sports hall
    • gymnasium
    • anti-grav dome[1]
    • restaurant
    • leisure facilities
  • luxury apartments, furnishings designed by Alto of Paris[1]
    • super luxury apartments with extendable terraces as standard


Pre-Chaos Day owners charged 8,000 credits annual membership for block residents and 12,000 for non-residents[1].


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