Vulcan was the first story to feature M.A.C.H.1 and was featured in 2000AD Prog 1.


Part One[1][]

John Probe was subjected to compu-puncture experiments over the course of months, augmented with computer circuits printed on to his skull in a sixteen hour operation.

On the day that his testing was supposed to start he was instead taken to an RAF base which had been attacked by terrorists. He stormed a nuclear blast-proof door, killing most of the terrorists, but was told by the final target that they had been a decoy and that the true purpose of the exercise was to hijack a bomber with a cargo of nerve gas.

Part Two[2][]

An RAF Nimrod was scrambled with Probe on board. He exited the Nimrod at 23,000 feet via the bomb bay doors and dug his hands in to the Vulcan bomber fuselage, which he proceeded to rip away. Though he dealt with the two terrorists on board one of their bullets ripped into a nerve gas container. While heaving at the control column, Probe was subjected to the nerve gas which would have killed a normal human but which merely gave a MACH man hallucinations. The computer guided him through the hallucinations in time to deal with a third terrorist. Recovering, the computer instructed him to land the Vulcan bomber safely.





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