Savage and Silk were on the shores on Coniston Water in the Lake District watching the Volgans testing the V-Boat, their prototype high-speed military boat. In a boathouse on the shore, they came across the Warbird, the boat that broke the water speed record, and its pilot, Commander Robb. Robb was crippled with a broken back. Savage & Silk tried to sink the V-Boat using Limpet mines, but they were discovered and Silk was wounded. Robb arrived just in time and crashed the Warbird into the Volgan vessel, destroying them both. Savage & Silk take over a local Volgan radio station to broadcast about Robb's sacrifice[2].







Behind the ScenesEdit

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It is interesting to note that Barney lists the title of this episode as Bluebird, the name of the real water speed record-breaking boat, despite the name having been changed in the story to Warbird.


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