The XJ9 Power Pack was a jet pack worn by Aeroball players. It used high-octane liquid petroleum gas fuel and was controlled by buttons on the player's belt. It could reach speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. It was controlled by the player leaning in to the direction they wished to travel and aided by a computer guidance system which altered the direction of the thrust nozzles.

It was also used by the army for flying over minefields and the police for riot and traffic control.

It was manufactured by Global Dynamics Corporation (Aviation Division), Houston, Texas.

It had a burn button which thrust the wearer forward at 80 miles an hour[1].


  • air intakes
  • computer guidance and ignition system
  • fuel feed pipes
  • fuel tank
  • fuel inlets
  • jet outlets
  • after burners
  • thrust deflectors
  • 4 turbo jet engines