Dredd catches his robot, Walter watching the TV game show You Bet Your Life where the contestants risk death for money. Dredd uses Walter's receiving gear to track the signal to the secret location where the show is being filmed. He bursts into the studio just in time to save the last contestant from beheading in a guillotine. He shoots the blade which breaks in two and the pieces kill the show's hosts who are trying to flee[1].

Recurring Characters[]

Judge Dredd[]

Dredd is a Judge in Mega-City One. He patrols the streets and dispenses justice with total impartiality. He IS the Law.

Walter the Wobot[]

Walter is Dredd's speech-impaired robot man-servant. Although technically a free robot, he serves Dredd because he enjoys it.

Other Characters[]

Baby Bob Nicely[]

Baby Bob Nicely is the host of the illegal TV show 'You Bet Your Life'[1].


Morticia is Bob's glamorous assistant on 'You Bet Your Life'[1].

Sheldon Weedy[]

Sheldon Weedy is the main contestant on the current edition of 'You Bet Your Life'[1].

Penelope Weedy[]

Penelope Weedy is Sheldon's wife. She gets bitten by a poisonoud spider[1].

Granny Weedy[]

Granny Weedy is Sheldon's elderly relative. She gets transported to a plutonium mine in the Cursed Earth[1].


Arts and Culture[]



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